Commercial Design Services Canada


(bee-ree-KEE-na) f (n.)

An affectionate term and nickname used in the Italian culture to refer to a mischievous, silly or vivacious little girl. It's also what my grandmother used to call me. And sometimes, she still does.

At birichina we believe style and home décor should be approached with the same playfulness and willingness to experiment — the fun is in breaking the rules. The result is an eclectic style infused with personality.

Incorporating vintage items with Scandinavian, Midcentury Modern and Industrial elements would best describe our style. We believe the juxtaposition of old and new is what makes a room unique—personality’s all in the mix!

Take advantage of our decor consultations and let us re-envision your space to give you the look you’ve always wanted. With a keen eye for unique finds, we love tracking down one of a kind furnishings that look great and have a story to tell. By bringing together key pieces, we’ll unlock your home’s full potential and fulfill all your vintage-modern needs.

In addition to providing both residential and commercial design services, birichina will soon offer a wide array of handmade home accessories, apparel, affordable art, and jewelry from the best local and international artists. We try as much as possible to keep a Canadian state of mind because what country epitomizes beautiful people who make beautiful things more than ours?

Become inspired, play with your style